Our Work

We have worked with public and private projects.  This page is going to give you an insight on some of the projects we have been involved in.  If you have an idea that you need help in turning into a product or service then please get in touch! we are eager to help!

PrestineLook is an online beauty retailer based in the UK. They provide high demanded beauty products at affordable prices.  The team behind PrestineLook is what attracted us to work on this project with then. All three members have a real passion for entrepreneurship and the petite to work hard to succeed. They just came with a concept and a draft on how the the website will look. ObedsHUB helped with the design and optimization.

Whilst the website was under development we met with them twice a week offering mentoring, we collaboratively worked on their marketing strategy, product pitching and social media marketing. With a budget of £200 we looked at some of the most cost effective ways to market their product. We started building a buzz for their product before the website was launched which paid off really well as they were able to get 30 customers signing up to their website, who are now returning customers and buying their products. ObedsHUB get in touch with the team every month to make sure everything is fine and help in areas they are finding difficult to find answers.

Creativejeff is a websites about Jeffrey. He is a comedian, host and a photographer/ videographer. He is a very talented young man with clear understanding of what he wants and where he sees himself 5 years later. Working with Jeffrey on his website “creativejeff.com” was an amazing experience due to his approach to work, meeting the task deadlines.

We started working with Jeffrey in January. He mentioned his passion for comedy and hosting. Instead of building a website we decided to start with Instagram! to build him a fan base through comedy. At a glance, we realize Jeffery has potential.  Through creativity and consistency Jeffrey gained 11k followers in 3 1/2 months without paid marketing. He recently hosted a dance video project. His website is now completed which will enable him to market himself professionally to businesses. Currently, he is in contact with event companies in regards to hosting events. We work closely with Jeffrey to give him the support needed to maximize his full potential.

Edifyus is a filtered blog platform that focuses on promoting black excellence, and creating exposure for black success. This project is really special as we are aware of the media portraying black people as menace to society. The team knew exactly what they wanted. ObedsHUB designed various page layouts on how the website will look and feel. They were very specific about making sure the website is beautifully spaced. They had a very good understanding of how they want the website to look which made our job very clear. For every page created, we reviewed it with a member from Edifyus team to ensure their requirements were met.

On the other hand, mentoring via skype  was very engaging. We really worked hard along with the team to plan a very strong marketing strategy to target black social groups. Finally, we decided not to pay for marketing but instead trust people to promote the page. This meant getting in contact with influential black people on social media and pitching the platform and conveying the benefits of people sharing their story. Working with Edifyus was a learning curve for us at ObedsHUB as we tackled social issues not just on black people but all races which inspired us to do something to help young people to find opportunities.