Business Coaching for Young Entrepreneurs in London

There’s no need to go it alone. Get the skills and support you need with our business coaching and courses for young entrepreneurs.

Core Business Concepts and Topics

ObedsHUB has carefully crafted six topics for business coaching and mentoring that young entrepreneurs in London need in order to thrive.

These courses are fundamental to your business’s success.


Learn the keys to successfully pitching your product or service, as a young entrepreneur. We will teach you how to talk about your business in a way that appeals to investors and customers, and ultimately leads to sales.


Marketing strategy is another business coaching topic that we feel is important for young entrepreneurs. You need to understand how to identify your target market as well as how to research it and know how to reach it. We will teach you the basics of marketing strategy and how to apply it to your business successfully.


One of our most important business coaching topics is Time Management. As a young entrepreneur, you have different challenges when it comes to managing your time. ObedsHUB will show you how to schedule your time effectively so your business succeeds.


Rejection can be hard, especially with young entrepreneurs. Our business coaching in this area is especially tailored for young people who are not yet prepared to handle the rejection that may come with pitching ideas to investors and partners yet. We will reinforce and support you and provide tools to turning rejection into your greatest asset.


Many young entrepreneurs come to us for help with personal branding. This is one of our favorite business coaching topics, as we know that personal branding is your key to attracting and keeping customers. We’ll teach you how to come across well in your messaging so that your product or service shines and appeals to your target audience.


One of ObedsHUB’s signature business coaching topics is on the art of the hustle. Through this coaching, you will learn how to network and use the power of networking to grow your business exponentially. We will also teach you how to identify opportunities with your existing family and friends and how to keep going when things get tough.

Business Coach & Mentor

Obed, founder and CEO of ObedsHUB, will be your business success coach and personal mentor.

As a successful young entrepreneur himself, Obed has been through the experience and knows first hand what it takes to succeed. His journey began while he was in his 2nd year in university studying business information technology.

First, he began working with other student entrepreneurs, with the help of one of his lecturers. Then, he went on to develop a mobile app called CVsnip. CVsnip was an app for young people to use to showcase their project work to potential employers. As a result, Obed successfully raised £10,000 to go towards the design and implementation of his app, which he sold to a university in January 2016.


  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Advanced Systems Analysis & Design
  • Technology Innovation
  • Pitching To Customers & Investors

When I started my first business, I got many lessons from a variety of lecturers, mentors, and investors. Through ObedsHUB, I’m passing all of this knowledge onto you. Success in business is achieved through awareness and applying life lessons from experienced people.


Many times, I wanted to quit. And you may want to quit, too. It’s natural. But quitting isn’t the answer. You just need someone in your corner – cheerleaders – pushing you to stay on track and make it through the really tough days. That’s why I created ObedsHUB.

As a young entrepreneur, you have to live an atypical life. I gave up the normal university life in order to get to where I am today. Are you ready to work hard? You’ll have to commit to thinking and living differently from your friends, if you want to be successful.

Success takes time and practice, and you’ll make mistakes. That’s okay. You will have to work like a fool before you can begin to work smarter. Running a business is a marathon. It takes time. There are no rules to business.


We have unique methods for each specific business coaching topic. Our business coaching is always personalized and delivered on a one-to-one basis. Additionally, we have workshops that you will be required to attend so that you get the full experience.


Some of the topics will require one on one coaching so that you get the individual attention you need. Most of the coaching that is taught focuses on your business and your personal development.


We will organize workshops that you can attend. Through them, you will connect with other young entrepreneurs and learn practical skills. ObedsHUB workshops will give you the confidence and tools you need to succeed in your business.


ObedsHUB is committed to your success as a young entrepreneur. We offer free and premium online courses in a number of areas, including marketing, social media, WordPress, and more. All of our courses are hands-on and include activities and problem solving strategies. Our premium online courses provide a deeper look at the topic and more hands-on activities and discussion than our free courses. Check our Course Page often for new courses.