About ObedsHUB

What we do

About ObedsHUB

ObedsHUB is a strategic business development company in London. But we’re different than other companies in three major ways:

  • We specialize in working with young entrepreneurs aged 16-30.
  • ObedsHUB provides hands-on business coaching and training, from seed to success.
  • Our web development and SEO is affordable, and online courses to learn these skills are offered to our clients at a low cost.

At ObedsHUB, we know that starting a new business as a young entrepreneur can be challenging and lonely, especially on your own. Therefore, our team is dedicated to helping you succeed and make a difference in the world. So we offer free business coaching, and affordable training, online courses, and business support to help you get your business off the ground. This includes marketing training also.

ObedsHUB’s business coaching is designed specifically for young people. As a result, we know that the things you need to learn and to grow are different, so we’ve custom tailored courses just for you.

Some examples of our business coaching include: business marketing strategy for online and offline, pitching your product or service to customers and investors, how to deal with rejection, and discovering the art of hustling as an entrepreneur.

Who we are

Our Founder: Obed Yeboah

ObedsHUB was founded by Obed Yeboah. A young entrepreneur himself, Obed built this business coaching service from the ground up. After successfully selling a mobile application that he developed in 2016 called CVsnip, he realized that there were a lot of young entrepreneurs out there who could do the same thing. As a result, he started ObedsHUB in London as a way to reach other young entrepreneurs and help them experience the same level of success as he did.

Obed Yeboah of ObedsHUB

When I started working on CVsnip, I received a lot of advice. But I didn’t know how to practically put the advice in action. Why? Because I’d never started or managed a business before. Therefore, learning how to market my business online and offline was really challenging to accomplish from branding perceptive.

Also, getting in contact with universities took so much time. Even more, I didn’t how to pitch my product well enough over the phone to spark an interest from course leaders. Due to that, during the journey, I made many mistakes that I later looked back on and realized I could have done differently.

However, I was finally able to raise 10,000 pounds to fund the development of CVsnip. It wasn’t easy, but I made it happen!
Now, the question is, “Do I keep everything I have learned to myself or help up and coming entrepreneurs to make their journey a little easier?”

I am choosing to help. Because, this kind of opportunity doesn’t come along often. If you are a young entrepreneur, connect with ObedsHUB today.


Our WordPress Development Expert: Firman

Firman brings over 2 years WordPress development expertise to the team and provides our young clients with the support they need to make awesome websites. WordPress is the simplest, best tool on the market today for getting your website built and optimized. But even though the tool is simple, it’s not always easy.

You need to focus on building your business, so unless you are very technical, you should get help with your website and search engine optimization. Firman and other members of our team will ensure that your website is ready for primetime and optimized so that people can find you in search and social applications.

Why You Should Choose ObedsHUB:

Our London-based business coaching and business support service is ideal for young entrepreneurs. Here are just a handful of the reasons why and the benefits you’ll receive as a client:

  • Our business coaching is completely free.
  • We walk you through all of the issues you will face.
  • We’ll build an affordable, scalable website for you.
  • Everything we do is custom-tailored for young, first-time entrepreneurs.
  • You’ll become part of community that wants to see you grow and succeed.
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