• 2001 : Moved to the UK, London to Join my Mum, Leaving friends behind wasn’t easy. Adapting to a new culture was a nightmare “being laughed at everytime I spoke because of my African accent.
    • 2003 – 08 : started secondary school, Islington Green School  (04, Started playing basketball )
      • (05 -08 The wrong decisions stage) (a) Mixing with the wrong people. (b) Stealing nude Films from Borders “Book store” to sell. (c) Stealing from my mum (d)
      • 2008 – 10 College | Bristol city academy (The turning point), I moved from London to Bristol to play basketaball.  (b) Receiving a scholarship to play in highschool (America)
      • 2010-11 Losing the scholarship | (The most depressing time in my life) lost the only thing i was good at)
      • 2011-2015 Leeds Beckett university “Education is priority now” (Business information technology) (a) first year “1st class” (b) early second year, working as a junior analyst for small business “volunteered” (c) mid second year Entrepreneurship journey begun (1st idea “reference hunt” taken (second Idea “CVsnip”) (meeting Marianna)
      • 2013 Placement (working on CVsnip) (a) raising £10,000 for app development (b) the rejections, (c) pitching to investors for the 1st time
      • 2015 Graduating with a degree and a business
      • Early 2016 selling CVsnip (bittersweet moment
      • Early 2017 started ObedsHUB project.
      • Present : Partnering with Business Launchpad for Digilab Tooting
      • Mission : Help as many people to see more than their sight can. 


Obed Yeboah

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